Artist Statement

In 2011, I picked up a brush. In 2015, inspired by my Kandinsky prints, I discovered my passion for creating abstracts.

My artwork is considered abstract expressionist. Losing my inhibitions about making mistakes frees me to enjoy experimenting with color, brushstrokes, layering, mediums, and texture. I paint on larger canvasses so I have room to create areas of complexity and calmness; depth and flow.

When I paint, everything else falls away. My subconscious spontaneously releases creativity. When I return to a painting with a different outlook I may be inspired to follow another creative path. I call this “following my brush”.

My work has been accepted into local shows. I sell my work at art markets and online. I create commissioned works. These can be entirely new designs or developed from my original work in different sizes or color palettes. While I paint for myself, I love seeing how people interpret and react to the same painting differently. When that happens, I know the piece is art.

Signature 9-2016-small

Updated March 2017